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About Reimagine Peterborough

Reimagine Peterborough loves urban planning and believes good planning in Peterborough is essential to improving our social, cultural, democratic, and quality of life needs.

Picture the Peterborough you would love to live in 20 years from now. What do you see? Let’s get talking!

Let’s get talking!

Reimagine Peterborough hopes to inspire and contribute to a wider conversation on public engagement and community planning. Let’s improve our urban planning processes for addressing the complex challenges and amazing opportunities of the 21st century!

City-making today is about so much more than just sewers and roads: it is about creating thriving, diverse and sustainable places to live, move, work, play, and prosper.

Reimagine Peterborough is a movement to invite the incredible potential within our city — to come together to create, share, and engage on a city plan for a brighter future.

Why now?

A complete rewrite of the city’s most important guiding document, the Official Plan, is now underway for the first time since 1981. The new plan will shape our choices about the neighbourhoods, natural areas, roads, trails, playspaces, shopping, job creation and taxes we want for the next 20 years. And … it’s legally binding!

Reimagine Peterborough is inviting ideas and dialogue that, taken together, will help City Hall to create a visionary way forward for our City. What kind of future do you want for Peterborough? What do you like, and what would you change?

Want some inspiration? Check out the new, accessible, modern and innovative plan for London, Ontario — The London Plan — approved in June after five years of community discussion.

More about Municipal Official Plans in Ontario.

5 Official Plan Themes

In 2011, the City collected comments and ideas from citizens through the Plan It Peterborough process to support the Official Plan Review. The input is presented in this 2013 City report under 5 planning themes.

Our Suggested 6th Theme

is a renewal of the process by which the City and we as citizens, engage in conversations about the future of Peterborough.


Complete, Healthy Communities

Bringing together a mix of housing and work, parks and trails, open public spaces, community gardens and markets, and active lifestyles.

What do you want to find in easy reach of your neighbourhood in 20 years?


Connectivity and Mobility

Connecting where we live, work, and play with simple, safe, and active transportation options.

When you think about living in the City 20 years from now, how will you be getting around?  What sort of mix of private vehicles, transit, walking and cycling is best?


Unique and Vibrant Places and Spaces

Protecting and enhancing Peterborough’s distinct identity, vibrant downtown, community-enhancing waterfront, arts, culture and diversity.

How should the vibrant places and spaces we want be developed and protected over the next 20 years?


Environmental Sustainability

Planning an efficient, resilient, green and desirable city for today and for the future.

10 and 20 years from now, what signs of a healthy environment do you want to see around you in your neighbourhood and in the city?


Economic Strength

An economy that builds on our strengths, empowers entrepreneurship and employment, promotes green technologies, and supports integrated live-work neighbourhoods.

What do you picture Peterborough’s economic strengths being in 20 years? What examples are already in place, that you want to see more of?


Open and genuine public engagement

A more inclusive, open and dynamic dialogue between the city and citizens.

When the City is proposing changes to your neighbourhood or planning our future — what do you want that consultation process to look like?

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