Theme 6: How We CHOOSE

Active Neighbourhoods Canada
Workshop, 2015

Open and Genuine Public Engagement

A more inclusive, open and dynamic dialogue between the City and citizens.

In the Plan It Peterborough process and other City decision-making processes, citizens have emphasized the need for plans, policies and decisions to be developed and decided in a more transparent, open and accessible manner.

Citizens, City staff, and Councillors have all expressed a wish for better decision-making processes. In recent years, this has become one of the most important issues in Peterborough.

Citizens have asked for more notice of planning issues and bylaws, for greatly improved public engagement processes, and for clearer ethical standards around the Council table.

When the City is proposing changes to your neighbourhood or planning our future, what do you want that consultation process to look like? What can City Hall do now to make our Official Plan process a model for the future?