Theme 4: How We GREEN

Pollinator Garden,
Bolivar Street

Environmental Sustainability

Planning an efficient, resilient, green and desirable urban centre for today and for the future.

The city’s green spaces, trails, and water (like Little Lake) are what citizens said they love most about Peterborough.

In the Plan It Peterborough process, citizens asked for a “sustainability lens” to ensure initiatives have minimal impact on the environment, generate less waste, and wisely conserve water so we can continue to safely drink, fish, and swim.

Citizens said environmental sustainability means planning for the environment up to 50 years from now so that future generations’ needs can be met. This is especially important for climate change resilience.

Citizens asked for green spaces and parkettes, protection of the urban forest, urban agriculture, an expanded trail network, green energy, industrial and employment centres that are accessible and environmentally efficient, green roofs, and a strong Natural Heritage Plan.

10 and 20 years from now, what signs of a healthy environment do you want to see in your neighbourhood and in the city?