Theme 3: How We GROW

Downtown from Little Lake

Unique and Vibrant Places and Spaces

Protecting and enhancing Peterborough’s distinct identity, vibrant downtown, community-enhancing waterfront, arts, culture and diversity.

Peterborough’s quality of life is enabled by its unique characteristics and distinct identity from cities in the Greater Toronto Area.

In the Plan It Peterborough process, citizens said this needs to be preserved and enhanced by making sure development occurs in a careful and balanced way, by revitalizing and intensifying our downtown, by creating attractive community spaces, and by improving safety.

Citizens also asked for improved connectivity to the waterfront and Little Lake, recovery of Jackson Creek, and better routes through or around the city.

Investments in the City’s arts, culture, heritage and diversity were also requested, including supporting public art, cultural innovation, and the location of cultural destinations in the downtown.

How should unique and vibrant places and spaces be developed and protected in Peterborough over the next 20 years? What role might City Hall play in ensuring this happens?