Theme 2: How We MOVE

Rail & Transit

Connectivity and Mobility

This is about connecting where people live, work and play with simple, safe and active transportation options.

Getting around in an efficient, safe, and accessible way is essential.

In the Plan It Peterborough process, citizens asked for more transit, including on holidays, and said new development should contribute to transit-supportive environments.

As well, citizens want investment in active transportation, and cycling and pedestrian-friendly development to reduce the need for car trips.

There is strong support for an expanded and enhanced trail system to better connect our neighbourhoods, employment areas, and parks and open spaces. This is seen as especially important for meeting the needs of an aging population.

Improved networks for all modes of travel, within the city and to surrounding areas, were also requested.

When you picture living in the city 20 years from now, how will you be getting around? What mix of private vehicles, transit, walking and cycling is best? How could City Hall help shape this future?