Theme 5: How We PROSPER

Bethune Street Redevelopment
Project Planning, 2016

Economic Strength

An economy that supports local entrepreneurship, services and trades, creativity, local renewable technologies, and integrated live-work neighbourhoods.

Peterborough needs a robust economy that generates business opportunities and employment options.

In the Plan It Peterborough process, citizens said our economy can be strengthened by promoting innovative employment opportunities, including entrepreneurship, that build on the City’s strengths in an increasingly knowledge-based, creative economy.

This economy can be developed by promoting a Peterborough economic development ‘brand’ focused on renewable technologies, green economy businesses and tourism for the City.

This includes encouraging local organizations to practice a “Peterborough First” policy for selecting suppliers and contractors (which could include the local currency, the Kawartha Loon), developing more employment infrastructure, particularly for youth, and creating a more integrated community with more live/work opportunities and local neighbourhood employment.

What do you picture Peterborough’s economic strength being in 20 years? What strengths and examples are already in place that you want to see more of? What role can City Hall play in bringing these ideas to life?